Whims and Moods

I’ve been in the mood to create and have a whim to get started again. I’m a painter, but not one that you might imagine – I paint animal skulls. Here are some past projects that I’ve sold ~

This is a picture that I cherish – my late Nan and my mom walking in to see my art!

And here are two that hang in my apartment ~

I don’t think I give myself enough credit for the soul and hard work I put into these, and I’d like to start my hobby anew and see what I can do! First things first – I need to procure skulls and animal bones. Now, thankfully, I have Route 66 and our ranch to search for skulls. I know we lost a few cows last year in the South pasture, so I’m gonna go take a look when we head out to shoot a deer this year, and I have my eye on this big ol’ gorgeous elk skull at The Nat ~

They also have a lovely ram skull as well! I’ll keep this space updated as I begin to create – I know I can at least grab some cow skulls from the ranch, and I’ll ask the deer processing place if they have any leftover deer heads that I can allow to rot at the ranch. I had a boar skull, but I gave it away, sadly, in a period of artistic despondence which has plagued me for a while.

Watch this space!

~ Mandy