Metamorphosing in Several Ways

It’s time for major shifting in my life, you guys. I turn *gasp* 35 on the 12th of December, and I currently am in the throws of a life’s revolution (not a midlife crisis, no, but a major contraction, perhaps one might say). That’s one reason that I’m revamping Ye Olde Blog yet again – yes, it’s like the fiftieth time this year, but hey, now seems like an ideal time to do it once more.

I’ve been in retail for quite some time now – I started out at James Avery, and then, as many of y’all know, I became an employee of Express Factory Outlet in Amarillo for about a year now – I started out as a sales associate in November 2018, and then I quickly climbed the rungs of the business and became management in February of 2019.

Now, I’ve enjoyed my time at Express, and I’ve learned an insane amount about retail management, floor set, payroll, scheduling, etc. etc. there, not to mention have made some amazing friends and mentors. However, despite all of the newfound wisdom and growth that I’ve incurred, I’ve also learned that I’m no great fan of being in the rungs of a big ol’ corporation. Retail corporations are profoundly notorious to be cheap on the dollar with their employees, not to mention that I’ve felt like a cheap commodity to be replaced effortlessly. I mean, seriously, if I died tomorrow, they’d have someone in my place the very next day.

I want to feel more valuable to my administrations and my workplace, for one, and I’ve been needing a metamorphosis for quite some time now. Do you wanna know something amazing? A transformation in my life is actually happening as we speak (or as I type).

In a fortuitous and rather blind leap of faith, I found myself on 6th Street for the annual Celebrate Noel gathering this last weekend, just “to put a face to an email” with the super sweet lady with this amazing “can do attitude” who owns a notoriously fabulous antique store here on Amarillo’s old Route 66 – I’ll divulge the name another day. As luck would have it, I received a job offer that day – one which seems extremely exciting, promising, creative, and fun, among other characteristics!

Now, I’m still with Express currently but I’ve given my two weeks notice, and I plan to stay on as an employee to just do floor sets (I’ll have Sundays off with my new job, and that’s when Express does it’s monthly floor set). That way I can still have my employee discount too and keep up with my friends 🙂 .

Now, accelerating ahead, I also want to touch base on my health as someone in her mid 30’s who used to be in shape. Not the best of shape, mind you, but in better shape than I am now. For about a year and a half now, however, I’ve been stagnating in the exercise realm. Part of it has just been lack of motivation, part of it has been my crazy schedule at Express which has seen me working mornings, afternoons, and into the night – all just depending on the day. It’s rather exhausting. And yes, I’d go with my husband and his friend sometimes and attempt to rekindle the spark, but with my schedule, the desire just never stuck.

Lately I’ve been feeling the need for change coming directly from my body – I feel achy-er than usual, and just flat out sluggish. I know my diet hasn’t been up to par (it’s so easy to grab sugary oatmeal at United for breakfast on my way to work, and the salad at Frulatti in the mall, although yummy, is surely a calorie bomb too). I need to start feeding myself healthier, lower calorie options, and that’s a goal that I’d like to set as I’m metamorphosing.

I want to start lifting weights again as well. I went with Luke this evening, and we did legs. Man oh man, was I wobbly, but I felt that natural high that comes with working those big glutes, hamstrings, calves, quadriceps … it was wonderful and utterly inspiring. Since my schedule is going to be much more steady, I’d like to work on my physique in the evening. I mean, truly, why wait to have a New Year’s Resolution with all of this when I can start setting some awesome resolutions today?

I’ll keep this space updated with aspects of my new career, with diet and exercise goals, with fashion (as usual …. c’mon, did you expect me to leave out fashion?), and, of course, trips to the ranch, amateur photography, and *fingers crossed* more skull painting as soon as I acquire a few!

I plan on not focusing so much on the past as I want to focus on the present and BEING present. 🙂

~ M