Netting a Career at The Nat

My first day on the job at The Nat was AMAZING, and I went back yesterday to keep on learning about my new job!

I’ve learned how to check people out with cash or card at the cash wrap, hold items, am getting acquainted with the vendors and their booths, the lighting system, the daily and weekly procedures, etc. etc. – most importantly, I was introduced to three co-workers (such lovely ladies) and am getting to know the owner better too. I can already tell that I’m going to love this job – it’s soooo chill compared to Express Factory Outlet’s fast and stressful pace, and as a plus, I’ll be able to really spend time with our customers and help them out instead of just moving them in and out of the cash wrap like cattle.

Here is a minuscule sampling of a few of my favorite items here at The Nat – I have a ton of favorite things already!

I even bought this coyote skull for $20 – it was on clearance – and I started the cleaning process for it in order to start slapping paint on ’em!

Now, this fella is nowhere near ready for paint yet – I need to bleach him a bit more and keep on scrubbing and picking away mummified fur and skin, but the skull already looks 5X better than it did in the store. I also plan on finding some cow bones (hopefully skulls!) at the ranch when we go deer hunting, and perhaps we’ll even get some deer antlers. I also need to cut some wood slices to display my skulls on.

 I hope to do a blog post about deer hunting (we’re going in a week) and about my weight and how I’m losing some poundage – those are on my radar!

~ M