A Silly Conundrum of the Yuletide and Birthday Variety

I have a conundrum on my hands, and perhaps writing about it will help me solve it … I have funds from Christmas and Birthday presents, HOWEVER, I do not have enough funds to net all of the goodies at the Nat that I want ~ a Balinese ram skull and a bar cart (see below).

Now the ram skull currently costs $285, but since it’s my boss’s booth, I can get 30% off and it would be about $216. I’d like to paint it and possibly sell it (depending on how attached I become to it) for profit. I could also wait after Christmas and see if she comes off the price anymore with our end of year sale. It’s not likely, I’d imagine, but it might be worth a shot.

The bar cart is $180, and it’s not part of my boss’s booth … so either I could call the booth vendor and ask if he would come off the price a bit, or I could bite the bullet and pay $180 (not likely since I’m sure I’ll call the vendor …. it’s my job to do that often anyway). A bar cart is something that I’ve wanted for years – I probably wouldn’t use it for alcoholic beverages but rather as storage for cool things that I’ve found, such as the two items below that I purchased for Luke – a flask and a cast iron bottle opener.

In theory, I’ll have $300 to spend … so I’d need about $95 extra to get both. I’ll see if I can’t save up a bit, as it’s possible to do so with my daily allowance for food- I rarely use it all. But which do I want most? I’m NOT SURE! I’ll keep this space updated throughout December!

~ M