Channeling a Navajo Spirit Through Color

I’ve had the hankering to paint something with a turquoise base -hence, I’m interested in Navajo-inspired color combinations for a skull, particularly my Balinese Ram.

I think he would be beautiful with a deep turquoise base ….. but deciding accent colors is a bit more challenging! Here are a few palettes below that are proving to be inspirational ~

I’m really digging this one below ….

And, of course, I love reds and oranges with turquoise, and this is a BOLD palette which reminds me of Navajo jewelry, although I think I’d replace the hot pink with a navy, and I might add a bit of gold (and silver, if it doesn’t resemble the gray too much) in there to). I think a light blue would add contrast to the deeper reds and oranges too. Hmmm.

I also have a mule deer skull being processed, and I need to start brainstorming some interesting colors for him too!

I plan on starting tomorrow (a day off) on my ram – I’ll keep you updated!

~ M