If you follow me on Twitter (MandyStackedV) then you probably notice a TON of pictures of my puppy dog Scotch (and the kitties). And I almost always use the hashtag #scotching – why? Because it’s cute and because it exemplifies what he’s doing in this little life! He’s enjoying it (for the most part – see below).

On Wednesday, my little toot looked like this – adorable, but far too fluffy.

On Thursday at 8:00 a.m. his fate was sealed to get shaved, so I drove him to Coronado Pet Shoppe and left him. Guess what? They called me to inform me that Mr. Scotch has no table manners and had a difficult time with the shaving. Poor baby! Now partly this is my fault because I haven’t taken him in enough to get groomed and to develop those manners – I think the other part is that Scotch is so exuberant that it’s hard for him to be still …. I mean, he IS still a puppy.

Anyway, the end result is this:

He’s precious, but he truly looks like a completely different dog!! Oh my! #scotching And we now have a standing appointment to get groomed because, well, my little man needs to develop those manners!

~ M