Hunting + Painting

Howdy there! Long time no post, and I do apologize! I need to keep this joint updated. I’m going to break this post into two parts – deer hunting with Dad, and painting.

Deer Hunting with Dad

I went to have Thanksgiving in Glazier with my Tubb family on the Saturday after Thanksgiving Day – I rode up with Dad and his girlfriend, and we had a lovely meal, and it was wonderful to see everyone, especially my Grandmother Polly. (Luke couldn’t come because of work, but he drove up the next day, Sunday.)

That night, we went hunting, and I shot a gigantic mule deer at dusk – pictures were hard to take because of the light, but here’s one taken by Dad while we were starting to process him.

The next night, Luke shot another big muley – not as big as mine, ha! – and we were super pleased with our harvest this year!

We found a nice man from Borger who processes deer heads into European mounts, and he scored my deer (the average buck is about 135″) at 181″.

Here’s a picture of my mule deer on the right next to some average ones – I’m probably not going to paint him, but I think Luke’s going to give me permission to paint his (will have to ask).

I got to spend some very quality time with my Dad on this trip, and for that, I’m super grateful. Our relationship has been rocky over the past six years, and I so want to regain his love and trust. It’s nice to feel that we’re making progress.


As y’all know, I purchased that Balinese ram skull from my awesome boss – he was $200, so I knew I needed to do a good job on him. As I posted earlier, I wanted to channel some Navajo color to him …. here’s how he turned out!

And here he is, chilling in my booth at The Nat – it’s super cool that my boss allows her employees to sell their goodies in the consignment booth area at no cost.

I also finished this guy ….

… who I nicknamed “Don Juan” (no, I’m not sure if it was a cow or a steer, so here’s hoping it was a steer).

He’ll be available at The Nat tomorrow for $125!

Up next, I’m going to be working on a few sheds to sell for like $15 each – painting sheds is an easy way to relieve stress (that’s why I paint, actually, to relieve stress and to keep myself busy when I’m not at work), and they’re going to be super cute! I’ve also gotten one more project on the horizon, “The Fate of Wile E. Coyote.”

I hope to do at least two more posts on here before the end of 2019, so I’ll try to do a Christmas post and a post on New Year’s Resolutions (which I’m starting early this year).

~ M