This ‘n That, Bracelets and a Tat

I received some birthday and Christmas money from my dear Grandmother Polly …. I’d been eyeing some gorgeous bracelets at The Nat, so I decided to treat myself to two of my favorites – one is a White Buffalo turquoise (I got it for 30% off since it belonged to my boss’s booth),  and the other is a stunning opal! I’m a big believer in healing properties of stones and gems, so this was truly a treat.

I took pictures of the tags – the White Buffalo turquoise reads “Found in various mines located in Nevada and Arizona, this stone helps you to live your life with truth, pride, and integrity, promoting self-realization and enhancing intuition bring protection, power, and luck to you, opening your heart and clearing your mind to eliminate physical and mental exhaustion.”

And opal, well, opal is “the fire to the human spirit.” It’s considered to be a sacred stone to the Cherokee, and it’s said to help with nervous disorders (like anxiety, which I have), depression, eye trouble (ha, I’ve been having eye trouble as of late), and spiritual awakening.

I also had a gift card from Free People, and I purchased a sale Spell and Gypsy dress and a cute bodysuit which will look adorable under my Nat T-shirt!

But my most epic gift of the year is from my husband – a Nordic inspired tattoo featuring runes, the compass, the valknut, Yggdrasil, Aegishjalmur, Vegvisir, the Horn Triskelion, a raven of Odin (not sure which one I should call him – probably Huginn because he means “thought,” and I need to be more thoughtful!).


I also have a few projects coming up … to be updated soon!

~ M