This ‘N That, I Will Soon Have a Booth at The Nat

I have a bit of EXCITING NEWS to share – my friend and fellow employee Ed and I have decided to open a joint booth together at The Nat starting February first! That way we’d only be paying $40 a month each for rent, which is totally doable! As of now, we’re in the Consignment Room, and a lot of customers don’t go into it because it’s off the beaten path in The Nat. We both want our items to have more exposure, a booth opened up in a great spot, and here we are!

Here’s the current space – it has some of the old vendor’s stuff in it still, but you get the idea!

I’ll do an update on my work soon – I’ve started working on some jaw bones – I painted one white (but I’ll probably do a different color because white just looks like bone to me), and the other is turquoise with pink, orange, black, and white accents.

And as for my big ol’ skull, he’s a little bit stinky still from a long soak in bleach and hot water – he’s outside airing out as of now, although I experimented with some rose gold on him – I think that’s the color I’m going with, and I’ll try some deep blue, a deep purple, oyster, and white as the accents. I’m also going to attempt a different pattern on him too – a large circular pattern with smaller dots to complement the big pattern. Rose gold is such a popular color right now, so I hope someone loves him! One really has to find the right buyer for something like this – someone who’s interested in unique art that’s got a Southwestern flair (with a bit of the macabre).

A Few Fun Things From Today ~

A contemplative Drogo.

And my Tooter Bud with his new favorite toy that my mom bought him from – he ADORES this big fluffy ball!

I also had a refund from Free People today (the Spell and Gypsy Dress was too baggy, so I sent it back), and I purchased another One Adella Maxi Slip (I like the size large despite actually being a small in FP), some checkered Vans (size 9), and a bralette (size medium because it runs small).

And I’m going to snap up this petrified Sequoia necklace from The Nat soon – my friend and fellow vendor Linda told me that I could take 30% off it since she’s had it so long ….. what a gorgeous piece!

Fun Things that I Found on My Computer

  1. Baby Scotch at the Vet
  2. The Kitties
  3. The Time We Put Horseradish on Caprica’s Nose.

Cheers to a happy tomorrow! If you stop by The Nat, I have two big tubs of clothing at just $6 for each item! I’m trying to lighten up my load before moving into the new booth!

~ M