My Eats and Weight 1/12 – 1/18

Sunday 1/12/20

Weight: 158.0

Brunch – curry stir fry veggies sauteed in my skillet with Pam, about 1/2 cup pinto beans, a dash of garlic aioli, and an egg.

Snack – freshly made veggie and bean soup (I’ll have to post the recipe as it’s Luke approved, and he rarely likes things without meat!).

Dinner – roasted veggies with rice and salsa.

Monday 1/13/20

Weight: 157.4

Breakfast – I wasn’t hungry, so I skipped it.

Lunch – sauteed veggies and rice with aioli.

Dinner – veggie and bean soup.

Post workout snack – 3 eggs and salsa (and two shots of gin).

Tuesday 1/14/20

Weight: 158.8

Breakfast – a Skyr yogurt with a banana.

Lunch – a turkey and cheese snack pack with grapes and crackers.

Dinner – rotisserie chicken with mango habanero sauce, romaine with a touch of avocado ranch all on a bed of rice.

Wednesday 1/15/20

Weight: 155.8

Breakfast – three scrambled eggs with salsa and a dab of sour cream.

Lunch – leftover salad, chicken, and rice with avocado ranch.

Dinner – Lemon pepper chicken on a bed of romaine with a big tomato and avocado ranch + salsa.

Thursday 1/16/20

Weight: 155.8

Breakfast – four scrambled eggs with salsa and a bit of sour cream.

Lunch – three eggs on romaine with Sambal Oelek and avocado ranch (we were painfully low on groceries).

Dinner – Fish tacos from United.

Friday 1/17/20

Weight: 156.0

Breakfast – Icelandic Skyr and a banana.

Lunch – a tuna salad snack pack from United.

Dinner – spaghetti! Made with mushrooms, onions, spinach, ground beef, tomatoes, and spices. Yum!

Saturday 1/18/20

Weight: 156.8

Breakfast – Icelandic Skyr.

Lunch – Spaghetti.

Snack – Everything Bagel Hummus with bell pepper and broccoli..

Dinner – Chicken with a Caesar salad.

Slowly but surely I’m making a bit of progress! I’ve been drinking a ton of water, so I hope that’ll make a difference!