My Eats and Weight 1/19 – 1/25

Sunday 1/19/20

Weight: 155.6

Breakfast – Skry and a banana.

Lunch – spaghetti sauce loaded with goodies on romaine.

Dinner – veggies and dressing (I lost my appetite).

Monday 1/20/20

Weight: 154.6

Breakfast – a banana, grapes, and some cheddar cheese.

Lunch – a salad with ham, cheese, and egg.

Snack – a snack pack with turkey, laughing cow cheese, tomatoes (I didn’t eat them), and cucumber.

Dinner – another salad, this time with egg, cheese, turkey, and bacon.

Tuesday 1/21/20

Weight: 155.4

Breakfast – a banana and some turkey with laughing cow cheese.

Lunch – a salad with egg, cheese, bacon, veggies with ranch.

Dinner – a roast beef sandwich with horseradish sauce.

Wednesday 1/22/20

Weight: 153.4

Breakfast – a banana.

Lunch – a ham and Swiss sandwich with ranch.

Dinner – a romaine salad with tomato, roasted broccoli, chicken, and light Catalina.

Thursday 1/23/20

Weight: 151.8 lbs

Breakfast – light yogurt with a banana.

Lunch – salad with chili and Fritos.

Dinner – salad with deer round steak and okra.

Friday 1/24/20

Weight: 150.0

Breakfast – a banana.

Lunch – a snack pack from United.

Snack – two eggs.

Dinner – a salad with fajita meal, broccoli, tomatoes, and Parmesan.

Saturday 1/25/20

Weight: 151.6

Breakfast – three scrambled eggs with chili sauce.

Lunch – a tasty patty melt that my lovely vendor friends bought for us from Golden Light!

Dinner – half of a turkey sandwich with ranch.