My Eats and Weight 1/26 – 2/1

Okay, so I’ve stopped weighing myself each morning and have elected to weigh just once a week on Saturday. 🙂

Sunday 1/26/20

Breakfast – eggs, chili sauce, and a bite of mashed potatoes.

Lunch – leftover pizza with salad and ranch.

Snack – a banana.

Dinner – deer fajitas!

Monday 1/27/20

Breakfast – a banana and two eggs with salsa.

Lunch – leftover deer fajitas on a salad with salsa, cheese, and sour cream.

Dinner – a reprise of lunch except with a fried egg on top.

Tuesday 1/28/20

Breakfast – three scrambled eggs with salsa and cheese, a banana.

Lunch – a burrito from Torchy’s Tacos, courtesy of my dear hubs.

Dinner – a small sandwich with a salad and ranch.

Wednesday 1/29/20

Breakfast – three eggs, salsa, cheese, and a banana.

Lunch – United salad bar with all sorts of goodies.

Dinner – Chicken salad with rotisserie chicken, tomatoes, ranch, and greens.

Thursday 1/30/20

Brunch – my version of migas with tortilla, eggs, chicken, sour cream, cheese, and a bit of hot sauce.

Snack – an apple with Tajin.

Dinner – mixed veggies and Green Chile Chicken Soup.

Friday 1/31/20

Breakfast – two eggs and a grapefruit.

Lunch – a tuna salad snack pack.

Dinner – three hard boiled eggs with cheese and a bit of sour cream.

Saturday 2/1/20

Breakfast – an apple and two kiwis.

Lunch – a tuna snack pack.

Snack – veggies with dip.

Dinner – beef fajita salad.

Weight: 152.8  lbs

~ M