Adventures in Social Distancing


So what I am up to? ….

Currently, we have several *confirmed* cases of Corona Virus in the Amarillo/Canyon area – however, that’s because we have to send our testing kits to Lubbock. So far, the hospitals are awaiting about 100 tests to be confirmed. To think that it hasn’t already been here is just foolish. The people of Amarillo are either generally poo-pooing the situation or hoarding toilet paper like fiends. There is very little in between.

The NAT is temporarily closed, thank goodness. We tried crowd control and rules, but they were met with little concern by both our visitors and our vendors alike, which was frustrating. Kasey, our lovely owner, wisely made the decision to close and will be re-evaluating the situation as more developments are made.

So what am I doing? I’m practicing social distancing as much as possible!


I had a FP credit and purchased the Major Crush Harem Pants in Garnet Empress. I ADORE THESE PANTS! They have pockets for days, are long enough on my 5’10” frame, and they’re amazingly comfortable.

I attempted to get a picture, but Caprica photo bombed me.

Here’s a better pic (sans kitteh). I rarely show pictures of my midriff because I’m rather ashamed of it, but here ya go. I trying to push past my disordered thoughts.

Luke was also generous enough to let me buy a bag strap from Anthropologie at 25% off for some of my old Brahmin bags so I can reuse them.

My Psychiatrist Appointment

I spoke to my nurse practitioner, Liz, with Dr. Jenkins’ office over the phone – she’s upping my klonopin a little bit. It was interesting having an appointment over the phone, but hey, I was pleased with it.


I need to brave Hobby Lobby for more paint, but I’m not sure if that’s such a good idea right now!

Eats Today

Deer for days! Delicious!

A Salad

I’ll post again very soon – perhaps tomorrow?! Stay safe and healthy out there, y’all! WASH YOUR DAMN HANDS!

~ M