Gratitude + A Birthday Boy

Hey all! I feel like I need to do a post on gratitude today – I’m grateful for my health, my husband’s health, my job (despite being temporarily closed), my friends, and my family. And, of course, the critters!

Here are a few things that I’m grateful for ~

Drinks on the patio on Friday night with Luke! It was a beautiful day.

Our Nord 2 FINALLY came in after weeks of waiting, and it’s AWESOME!

Mental Health

Okay kids, mental health talk – since my BCBS insurance keeps denying my Trintellix 40 mg, I’m officially off Trintellix. So far, I feel …. okay. I’m intrigued by this as I thought I always needed it, but hey, perhaps I don’t? We shall see in the next few months. Oh, and F-you, BCBS. I’m hoping Vraylar will do the job for both depression and bipolar (it was recently approved for depression).

Food and Weight

I’m going to try to keep sharing my eats on here – my weight went up about 7 lbs since I began social distancing (bored snacking, anyone?), so I’m trying to get back on track. I also cannot wait for the gym here to open again – I miss weights and the treadmill and the elliptical.

Eats 3/28/20

Weight: 153.0 lbs

Lunch was roasted broccoli and carrots with light ranch dressing. I ADORE roasted veggies, y’all. I need to snap up some Brussels sprouts soon too along with some sweet potatoes and peppers. The grocery stores are *slowly* coming back to normal (sans toilet paper still).

Some easy experimentation in cooking on Saturday night! This is my Nan’s oldie but goodie recipe ….


Dinner – two chicken thighs with rice! YUM!

Fashionable Musings

I LOVE my new bag strap! I was going to sell this old Brahmin bag, but the brightly colored strap really brought it back to life. 🙂

I had a FP credit, so I ordered this adorable dress! I love the way that it’s styled here with jeans, but it also can be worn as a dress.

I’m also really enjoying extra time spent with my puppy, Scotch. Mr. Scotch and I have been taking long walks together (sometimes even Luke joins in when it’s not windy!).

Scotch’s 1st birthday is today, and Luke picked him up an early birthday treat! WE HAVE A BIRTHDAY YEARLING ON OUR HANDS!

Til Soon,

~ M