Plugging Along


We had plenty of cuddles on Sunday morning with the pupper.

Breakfast was Chobani Greek yogurt (1 C) with a banana and some honey.

I was pretty hungry for lunch around 12, so I opened some Caesar salad mix, fried a few pieces of deer sausages, and fried an egg. This meal was exactly what I needed to fill me up.

Around 2, I started fretting over dinner. It seemed difficult and overwhelming to think about – Luke said not to worry about it, but when you’re mind automatically goes to food, it can be rough …. Luke suggested we take Scotch on a long walk, so we did, and that helped calm my brain (along with a klonopin).

Persephone was being extra comfortable and cuddly on this afternoon – here she is nesting against Luke and making little biscuits on his arm.

We had chips and queso as a snack before dinner ….

And burgers were for dinner (we had the stuff to make them, so that’s what we had!).

My OOTD for Sunday


I slept in incredibly late today, so my breakfast occurred at about 11:45 after I did some cleaning. I had avocado toast with a slice of tomato, two eggs, and some habanero salsa.

Lunch was a Caesar salad with chicken.

And dinner was more chicken with potatoes and broccoli with bleu cheese dressing.


More Scotch snuggles in the morning! Despite being on unemployment (aka bored af), I’m grateful for the time I have to cuddle with my baby and to work on myself!

Breakfast – two eggs on toast with butter and jelly.

Persephone made a nest in our clothes basket ….. silly kitty!

And I’m so glad that Luke’s work is providing him with masks and gloves! SO GRATEFUL they’re protecting their employees as best they can!


For lunch, Luke and I did something different – we hit up the Golden Light Cafe food truck and had burgers and fries. SO GOOD, y’all! And the Cafe is a historic building on Route 66!

Dinner was spaghetti, simple and good.

Til Soon,

~ M