Finding Hope in the Uncertainty

Heya friends, I’m dealing with some depression and uncertainty right now – I mean, c’mon, I’m dealing with a lot of emotional and mental stress, so naturally I’m going to have some depressed moods. I’ve applied for unemployment, I’m unsure about the process (although I am very lucky that my Dad’s girlfriend works in unemployment and said she’d be on hand to help me), and I’m simultaneously dealing with ED recovery and stability.

I am, however, trying to keep my hopes up – I have a lot to be grateful for right now too. I’m grateful for ED recovery, I’m grateful that I’m pooping again (TMI, perhaps, but if you read my blog, then this should be no surprise!), I’m grateful that my husband still has a job, I’m grateful that I have the option of unemployment, and, as a bonus, my husband and I should be completely debt free in about two and a half years if all goes correctly. I am a blessed girl in many ways, and I believe that God will take care of us (He already is).

Breakfast today was a three egg and cheese tortilla (eggs shared with Scotch) with habanero salsa.

A bite of spaghetti for lunch! It’s the same as I made last night, completely homemade. I didn’t eat a ton as I wasn’t starving, but I had enough to hold me over.

Since I had a small lunch, I wanted a snack around 3 – I made some deer sausage, cheese, crackers, and dipped them in honey mustard.

I insisted that we go grab some fresh veggies, so we ran to United …

I made a crudité platter before dinner ….

And shenanigans ensued with the Toot on the patio ……

We had fried venison back strap and gravy for dinner – Luke, who needs a haircut, put on one of my headbands and made dinner!


Til Soon!

~ M