Keeping Up My Spirits (and Sanity)

Hey friends, how are y’all holding up with social distancing/quarantine?

I’ve been trying to keep myself busy while in the apartment most of the time – with Hobby Lobby closed, I really can’t work on any skull projects right now, nor can I hit the gym, and it’s a bit rough because I get bored so easily – so I clean the apartment every morning and am trying new recipes and such, and I’ve been browsing Pinterest for interesting ideas. I’ve also started playing World of Warcraft again (after, like, a 6 year hiatus) – that’s right, I’m a bit of a gamer (although not a very intense one at that!).


I adored this dress, but I had to exchange it for an x-small … it’s a much better fit now!

For our 8th anniversary, Luke let me buy this dress – I hope it’s not too sheer, and the only size left was a small, so I’m hoping it works out!

Eats and On Drinking

I’ve stopped drinking alcohol – my drinking was getting a little out of control (mainly out of boredom), and since I’m trying to better myself (especially quell any eating disordered behaviors which alcohol actually can full), I need to change that part of my lifestyle.


Scotch has been beyond THRILLED that I’m home right now – we go on long walks almost everyday.

We also have lots of cuddle time!

The cats really couldn’t care less, ha! They laze around as per usual

Til Soon,

~ M