Luke and I adore animals and have five special animal “children” in our lives. Here you can learn all about our babies!


Caprica is a Craigslist cat and was abandoned as a kitten in 2011 by a person who found out he/she was allergic to kitties. Knowing that she was too young and vulnerable to be set out into the cold without her mommy, a nice family took Caprica in and posted an ad on Craigslist. The ad simply said “Free Kitten” and had a very dark and blurry picture of a wee kitten. I was browsing Craigslist for kittens (Luke and I had decided that we wanted another cat), and I stumbled across the ad. I showed it to Luke, and we decided to call the number in the ad. Yes, the kitten was still available. Yes, she was free.

We drove to a rather seedy side of town to pick her up – she was living in a tiny house that was filled with cigarette smoke. We knocked on the door and a nice lady opened and immediately showed Caprica to us. We knew we’d take her immediately! We took her home, gave her two flea baths (the wrath that we incurred after those flea baths, ha!), a nice new scratching post, and some toys.

Caprica knows she’s a very special little tabby cat – she’s the most affectionate little thing! She’s more lap dog than cat! She loves to sit under the covers between me and Luke in the mornings, and her favorite spot is lounging across Luke’s chest when he reads his IPad in bed. She wails through the apartment when she can’t find one of us; she just adores Luke (I think she likes him a wee bit more than me, but that doesn’t stop her from wanting attention often from me either!). Caprica is by far our sweetest cat!

Persephone and Calliope

In 2014, I was wanting another cat. We had Caprica, but that just wasn’t enough for me (apparently). I was once again browsing Craigslist for free kittens (can you see a pattern here?!), and I saw an ad for free Maine Coon kitties. Against our better judgement, Luke and I called the number and agreed to meet the people at a Pak-a-Sak on the other side of town. We waited, and a red pickup truck pulled up … they had a giant box full of tortoise shell/tabby Maine Coon kitties in the back! We were smitten immediately. We knew we wanted another female, so we chose the biggest baby there and named her Persephone.

The next day, I (for some random reason) decided that Persephone needed a sister! I told Luke this, and he shook his head but agreed to meet the people in the red pickup truck again. I didn’t go with him this time, but I told him to “pick out the fluffiest one they had in that big box”! And so Luke drove back to the Pak-a-Sak, picked out the fluffiest female in the box, and along came Calliope into our lives.

Calliope and Persephone are rather aloof cats. They enjoy attention on their terms and prefer to not be held (unlike Caprica). Persephone spends most of her days asleep on Luke’s pants or hiding inside of our couch; Calliope prefers to sleep under the TV (while messing up the reception), and every morning, she comes up onto the bed meowing with her little “ow ow” meow, asking Luke to pet her bottom. To be fair, the Maine Coons have become *much* friendlier in our apartment setting!

Luke and I surely do love our fluffy little friends! Our lives would be bland without them!


First of all, let me start off by saying that Luke and I have owned many types of snakes in our young lives (yeah, we’re odd, get used to it!) – giant Suriname red tails, rainbow boas, corn snakes, rosy boas, hog noses, bull snakes, grass snakes  … the list goes on, but I have never owned a ball python (Luke has).

We were missing our past snakes in September of 2016, and a local reptile show was in town, so we decided to go check it out just for fun. We went on a Saturday, and we looked at all of the reptiles, wishing that we could have one! That Saturday night, we both just looked at each other and knew that we had to go back to the reptile show that next day with some extra money! It was fate, I tell ya! We decided on a ball python since they’re so easy going and manageable. We also decided on the name – I said that if we bought a male, his name would be Drogo, and Luke said if we bought a female, her name would be Serina.

So we went back on Sunday, and the first snake that we considered/held was a little teeny tiny cinnamon male calico ball python at Brizzee’s Reptiles, a reptile distributor from San Antonio (they had the most professional stand and the most variety there). Luke and I liked the cinnamon calico baby, and I had a weird happy feeling when I held him, but we decided to look around ALL OVER the show before making a decision.

We looked at many different snakes that day, but ultimately, we decided to choose from Brizzee’s Reptiles because of the variety, quality, and professionalism that we saw at that stand. We were considering a little female, but then Luke said “LOOK AT THAT ONE!” …

… and it turns out that it was the cinnamon calico male that we had held at the first of the show (we had half-way forgotten about him). Sure enough, we paid our $250 for him, and we had a Khal Drogo!

Drogo is a pretty active little ball python when he’s not digesting under his log. He’s already grown some with our twice a week feedings (we used to feed mostly frozen mice, but Drogo is used to live rats, so that’s what we feed him, spoiled little fellow), and he’s just the sweetest, most chill snake you could ask for! I’m in love with the ball python now because they don’t bite at all (I’ve been bitten by many a snake and it sucks), they get nice and big but not overwhelmingly so, and they are just so easy to care for … Drogo is an exemplary ball python in my eyes!


And last but certainly NOT least is Scotch! I bought him on June 1, 2019 at 9 weeks old, and he’s just the sweetest little baby! Scotch is a Shi-poo (he’s about 3/4 Shih Tzu and 1/4 Poodle or something to the like). He’s obviously just a little puppy still, but you’ll be seeing a lot of him on this blog.

Scotch loves attention – he’s quite the spoiled little fellow.

With a new haircut!