Adventures in Social Distancing


So what I am up to? ….

Currently, we have several *confirmed* cases of Corona Virus in the Amarillo/Canyon area – however, that’s because we have to send our testing kits to Lubbock. So far, the hospitals are awaiting about 100 tests to be confirmed. To think that it hasn’t already been here is just foolish. The people of Amarillo are either generally poo-pooing the situation or hoarding toilet paper like fiends. There is very little in between.

The NAT is temporarily closed, thank goodness. We tried crowd control and rules, but they were met with little concern by both our visitors and our vendors alike, which was frustrating. Kasey, our lovely owner, wisely made the decision to close and will be re-evaluating the situation as more developments are made.

So what am I doing? I’m practicing social distancing as much as possible!


I had a FP credit and purchased the Major Crush Harem Pants in Garnet Empress. I ADORE THESE PANTS! They have pockets for days, are long enough on my 5’10” frame, and they’re amazingly comfortable.

I attempted to get a picture, but Caprica photo bombed me.

Here’s a better pic (sans kitteh). I rarely show pictures of my midriff because I’m rather ashamed of it, but here ya go. I trying to push past my disordered thoughts.

Luke was also generous enough to let me buy a bag strap from Anthropologie at 25% off for some of my old Brahmin bags so I can reuse them.

My Psychiatrist Appointment

I spoke to my nurse practitioner, Liz, with Dr. Jenkins’ office over the phone – she’s upping my klonopin a little bit. It was interesting having an appointment over the phone, but hey, I was pleased with it.


I need to brave Hobby Lobby for more paint, but I’m not sure if that’s such a good idea right now!

Eats Today

Deer for days! Delicious!

A Salad

I’ll post again very soon – perhaps tomorrow?! Stay safe and healthy out there, y’all! WASH YOUR DAMN HANDS!

~ M

Hello March!

Fun NAT related things

Here’s our vintage cabinet in the apartment with Drogo’s cage on top – I love it! And I also love the extra storage for the critter food and Scotch stuff.

(Speaking of snake, I cleaned his cage – he’s getting SO BIG!)

I picked up these hilariously naughty earrings and necklace from my friend Linda at The NAT – I just LOVE the little earrings giving the finger, and “Bitches Get Shit Done” feels like a personal mantra, so I just couldn’t pass them up.

Getting on Track

And I finally did it – I ordered a Life Planner from Erin Condren. This is the one I chose. I’ll do a review once it comes in, and yeah, I’m a little late to the game this year, but I need more organization in my life!


I ordered these sale pants (From the Valley Printed Flares) from FP, and they fit fabulously in an XS! They’re fabulous transition pants, and I can see myself wearing them next fall and winter too.

I also found a pair of FP flare jeans at TJ Maxx for $25! AND THEY’RE LONG ENOUGH FOR ME – winner winner!

(TJ Maxx really needs to clean their mirrors lmao!)


We didn’t make the ranch last weekend due to Luke having a upper respiratory infection, so I didn’t have a chance to snag a new skull – boo! However, I have two ladies that I’m in touch with who are planning on gathering me skulls from their ranches, plus we may hit the ranch on the 14th. 🙂 As for painting, I’m working on a pig skull for Linda (yes, the same lady that I bought the awesome earrings and necklace from!). She wants red, black, cream, and turquoise as the accents! It’ll be too cool once I’m done!

I was still pretty shaky from being sick when I started, so I hope to clean it up a bit!


So y’all, I’ve really committed to not drinking daily – huzzah! I’m finding that my anxiety is down, and my head is clearer, and I’m losing weight a little more readily. Sure, a drink or two on the weekends is fine, but everyday was a bit overkill. And I’m back at it sharing my eats after a hiatus (I was struggling again but seem to be doing much better after a med change) – here we go starting Wednesday. I may share my eats a few times a week instead of just waiting a week to do so.

Right now I’m sitting about 150-149 lbs.

Wednesday 3/4/20

  • Breakfast – four scrambled eggs (shared about an egg with Toot) with cheese and a bit of fajita meat.
  • Lunch – a fajita salad.
  • Dinner – an orange (I was sick and wasn’t very hungry).

Thursday 3/5/20

  • Breakfast- an orange and coffee, naturally.
  • Lunch – a salad with romaine, chicken breast, pickles, tomatoes, and ranch dressing.
  • Dinner – a roast beef sandwich with horseradish sauce.

I plan to do an update on the booth at the NAT soon – it’s getting there! 🙂

~ M


Getting Back on Track with Life

Hey hey guys, long time no post ~ here’s what’s been going on in life, and I hope to post here more often than I have been!

The Tootle (AKA Scotch)

He’s just the merriest, happiest little pooper I could have ever hoped to have! Besides my Luke, Scotch is my pride and joy!

The Kitties

Okay, so I can’t neglect how much I love Caprica, Calliope, and Persephone. They lounge, they want pets, they’re just chill (which I appreciate because puppy is high maintenance!). They put up with Scotch begrudgingly, ha!

Work and Play

I just ADORE my job as one of the managers of historic and simply enchanting The Nat – I feel so lucky to be working there, and man oh man, it’s difficult not to take everything home! My job keep me engaged and so happy …. I’m so blessed to be there, and I love all of my co-workers and my bosses to boot!

My friend Kat offered to sell me this adorable vintage cabinet for $150, and I think it’ll make the perfect addition to our home! Lots of storage space (and we’re selling a chair that we don’t use …. well, Scotch uses it to jump on, but hey, I’m not keeping a chair just for my pup to jump on!), and it’ll be PERFECT for Drogo’s cage and pet-goody storage. Isn’t it dreamy?

I also purchased this gorgeous vintage choker from Brant, one of my favorite vendors ~ I feel like a goddess when I wear it!

I’ve also been working on another jawbone ~

…. and I’d like to do a mint green skull next! One of the vendors, Linda, also wants me to paint a hog skull for her, which I’m delighted to do!

My Booth at The Nat

Well kids, it’s FINALLY happening after an unexpected month’s delay – my co-worker and friend Ed and I are going to share a booth upstairs by the record shop! I hope my skulls and fine clothing get more attention there than in the consignment room (although I surely appreciate my boss for letting me use the consignment room to get started!). Pics will be up once Ed and I get situated, hopefully starting on Friday the 28th. 🙂 I’ll be selling blank skulls and painted ones too … we do have people asking for blank skulls often, so I’ll try to fill in that need! Speaking of ….

The Ranch

Luke and I will be heading for a quick vacation to the ranch on Saturday and Sunday – I hope to check on my various bones and skulls out there, and I’d like to bring one or two of the better ones back. It’ll be the summer before some of them are ready, as they need to decay a bit more, but I think I have at least one that’s ready. 😉  We both need some R&R, and the ranch is the PERFECT place to rejuvenate.

Eating and Drinking

So. Luke and I have pledged to stop drinking alone. We can drink together but not to the point of intoxication either. That’s been a problem recently, and I think it’s been a band aid for some stressors that we’ve both been having …. HOWEVER, a breakthrough has occurred on our major stress-causing issue – consumer debt – and we should be paid off in about 3 years with the help of my wonderful dad. Huzzah!

I’d also like to get back to posting my daily eats – I’ll attempt a weekly post tomorrow, but for now, here’s that I ate 2/24/20 ~

Today I Ate:

  • a turkey bacon sammie.

  • heirloom tomatoes with bleu cheese, a Caesar salad …

  • and a LOVELY Chicago-style ribeye made by my AWESOME hubs.

The Gym

Interestingly, Luke and I are planning on hitting the gym as often as we can – he’s changing from the night shift to the morning shift, so we’ll be able to go to the gym after I get off work at 6 AND have dinners together! He’s doing it only because he’s banking on getting the assistant manager job at Pak-a-Sak with his manager Margaret at a store where the old manager is retiring. If he doesn’t get the job, he’s going to move on from Pak and find something different, but FINGERS CROSSED!

I’m also planning a major overhaul of my blog soon …. stay tuned!

~ M

My Eats and Weight 2/2 – 2/8

Sunday 2/2/20

Breakfast – three kiwis with Tajin.

Lunch – veggie and bean stir fry with garlic aioli.

Dinner – green beans and a giant Chicago-style ribeye that Luke and I shared.

Monday 2/3/20

Breakfast – a Skyr key lime yogurt.

Lunch – leftovers from dinner.

Dinner – a salad from United.

Tuesday 2/4/20

Breakfast – a banana and a protein shake.

Lunch – a tuna salad snack pack.

Dinner – rotisserie chicken on a salad with bleu cheese dressing.

Wednesday 2/5/20

Breakfast – an egg on toast with avocado and salsa.

Lunch – oatmeal with berries.

Dinner – a deer fajita!

Thursday 2/6/20

Breakfast – two eggs (shared with Toot) on toast with cheese and salsa.

Lunch – Deer fajita meat with green beans.

Dinner – Nothing. I was depressed.

Friday 2/7/20

Breakfast – a banana.

Lunch – a salad from United.

Dinner – a tuna salad sandwich.

Saturday 2/8/20

Breakfast – a banana and a protein shake.

Lunch – a tuna salad snack pack from United.

Dinner – glorious roasted veggies with edamame hummus.

Weight: 151.0 lbs – I’m closing in on the higher 140’s!

~ M