My Eats and Weight 1/12 – 1/18

Sunday 1/12/20

Weight: 158.0

Brunch – curry stir fry veggies sauteed in my skillet with Pam, about 1/2 cup pinto beans, a dash of garlic aioli, and an egg.

Snack – freshly made veggie and bean soup (I’ll have to post the recipe as it’s Luke approved, and he rarely likes things without meat!).

Dinner – roasted veggies with rice and salsa.

Monday 1/13/20

Weight: 157.4

Breakfast – I wasn’t hungry, so I skipped it.

Lunch – sauteed veggies and rice with aioli.

Dinner – veggie and bean soup.

Post workout snack – 3 eggs and salsa (and two shots of gin).

Tuesday 1/14/20

Weight: 158.8

Breakfast – a Skyr yogurt with a banana.

Lunch – a turkey and cheese snack pack with grapes and crackers.

Dinner – rotisserie chicken with mango habanero sauce, romaine with a touch of avocado ranch all on a bed of rice.

Wednesday 1/15/20

Weight: 155.8

Breakfast – three scrambled eggs with salsa and a dab of sour cream.

Lunch – leftover salad, chicken, and rice with avocado ranch.

Dinner – Lemon pepper chicken on a bed of romaine with a big tomato and avocado ranch + salsa.

Thursday 1/16/20

Weight: 155.8

Breakfast – four scrambled eggs with salsa and a bit of sour cream.

Lunch – three eggs on romaine with Sambal Oelek and avocado ranch (we were painfully low on groceries).

Dinner – Fish tacos from United.

Friday 1/17/20

Weight: 156.0

Breakfast – Icelandic Skyr and a banana.

Lunch – a tuna salad snack pack from United.

Dinner – spaghetti! Made with mushrooms, onions, spinach, ground beef, tomatoes, and spices. Yum!

Saturday 1/18/20

Weight: 156.8

Breakfast – Icelandic Skyr.

Lunch – Spaghetti.

Snack – Everything Bagel Hummus with bell pepper and broccoli..

Dinner – Chicken with a Caesar salad.

Slowly but surely I’m making a bit of progress! I’ve been drinking a ton of water, so I hope that’ll make a difference!

The Trend: Rose Gold

I’m attempting to do something trendy – a rose gold skull!

Color inspirations ~

I love the violet, the gray, the oyster, and the black! Perhaps I’ll even add maroon into the mix!

And a bit of sparkle never hurt anyone! Stay tuned!

~ M


This ‘N That, I Will Soon Have a Booth at The Nat

I have a bit of EXCITING NEWS to share – my friend and fellow employee Ed and I have decided to open a joint booth together at The Nat starting February first! That way we’d only be paying $40 a month each for rent, which is totally doable! As of now, we’re in the Consignment Room, and a lot of customers don’t go into it because it’s off the beaten path in The Nat. We both want our items to have more exposure, a booth opened up in a great spot, and here we are!

Here’s the current space – it has some of the old vendor’s stuff in it still, but you get the idea!

I’ll do an update on my work soon – I’ve started working on some jaw bones – I painted one white (but I’ll probably do a different color because white just looks like bone to me), and the other is turquoise with pink, orange, black, and white accents.

And as for my big ol’ skull, he’s a little bit stinky still from a long soak in bleach and hot water – he’s outside airing out as of now, although I experimented with some rose gold on him – I think that’s the color I’m going with, and I’ll try some deep blue, a deep purple, oyster, and white as the accents. I’m also going to attempt a different pattern on him too – a large circular pattern with smaller dots to complement the big pattern. Rose gold is such a popular color right now, so I hope someone loves him! One really has to find the right buyer for something like this – someone who’s interested in unique art that’s got a Southwestern flair (with a bit of the macabre).

A Few Fun Things From Today ~

A contemplative Drogo.

And my Tooter Bud with his new favorite toy that my mom bought him from – he ADORES this big fluffy ball!

I also had a refund from Free People today (the Spell and Gypsy Dress was too baggy, so I sent it back), and I purchased another One Adella Maxi Slip (I like the size large despite actually being a small in FP), some checkered Vans (size 9), and a bralette (size medium because it runs small).

And I’m going to snap up this petrified Sequoia necklace from The Nat soon – my friend and fellow vendor Linda told me that I could take 30% off it since she’s had it so long ….. what a gorgeous piece!

Fun Things that I Found on My Computer

  1. Baby Scotch at the Vet
  2. The Kitties
  3. The Time We Put Horseradish on Caprica’s Nose.

Cheers to a happy tomorrow! If you stop by The Nat, I have two big tubs of clothing at just $6 for each item! I’m trying to lighten up my load before moving into the new booth!

~ M

My Eats and Weight 1/5 – 1/11

I have a confession to make – I like to have a light beer after work as well as a few drinks on the nights before I have a day off. Yes, it’s true, and I fear that it’s hindering my weight loss attempts. If you’re following my blog closely (and see the posts below in regards to my weight), you’ll see that I’m eating well enough and less than usual, but heck, I don’t post my drinks! And that, my friends, is most likely the culprit for my weight being so steady around 156-157 lbs.

So it’s time to cut back on the drinking. I figure I can drink on my days off, but on the nights when I have to get up in the morning, I’m going to cut it out.

Sunday 1/5/20

Weight: 156.0

Breakfast – I woke up at 5 am to do inventory, so I simply grabbed a coffee at Pak a Sak and went on my merry way to work for six hours. Needless to say, I forgot breakfast.

Lunch – avocado toast with two fried eggs and tomatoes.

Snack – chicken with a lovely ginger habanero sauce.

Dinner – a rice bowl with broccoli, red onion, chicken, and more habanero sauce.

Monday 1/6/20

Weight: 156.4

Breakfast – a hot cider from Roasters.

Lunch – a turkey and cheese sandwich with lettuce and brown mustard on organic bread.

Dinner – Hillbilly queso (shared with hubs) and the Airstream salad with salmon at Torchy’s.

Tuesday 1/7/20

Weight: 155.4

Breakfast – three eggs, a small avocado, and salsa.

Lunch – a ham and cheese sandwich with lettuce and Boar’s Head horseradish on organic bread.

Dinner – chicken thighs with a curry stir fry and brown rice with some mango habanero ginger sauce.

Wednesday 1/8/20

Weight: 157.0

Breakfast – avocado toast with an egg and a touch of salsa.

Lunch – Leftovers from dinner (see above).

Dinner – Cauliflower rice with salsa, a touch of Thai salad, and two eggs with S+P.

Thursday 1/9/20

Weight: 156.4 lbs

Breakfast – an Envy apple.

Lunch – Mom took me out to a little cafe, and I had the most delicious stuffed acorn squash and quinoa bowl.

Dinner – Seasoned beef on greens with avocado, tomato, and dressing.

(And here’s a cute picture of the Toot.)

Friday 1/10/20

Weight: 156.6

Breakfast – two eggs with a small avocado and tomato with salsa.

Lunch – a turkey and cheese sammie with lettuce and horseradish sauce on 9 grain bread.

Snack – sauteed broccoli with ranch and salsa.

Dinner – a beef fajita with avocado, cheese, and salsa on a tortilla.

Saturday 1/11/20

Weight: 157.8

Breakfast – three eggs (shared with Scotch) in a tortilla with cheese and salsa.

Lunch – Jason’s Deli salad bar with grilled chicken.

Dinner – a cup of salad (you can’t see it in the pic), ground fajita meat, cheese, and sour cream.

(No booze tonight.)

Alrighty, I’ll see you with the next installment next Saturday!! 🙂 Here’s hoping that cutting out some booze will speed up my weight loss!

~ M

This ‘n That, Bracelets and a Tat

I received some birthday and Christmas money from my dear Grandmother Polly …. I’d been eyeing some gorgeous bracelets at The Nat, so I decided to treat myself to two of my favorites – one is a White Buffalo turquoise (I got it for 30% off since it belonged to my boss’s booth),  and the other is a stunning opal! I’m a big believer in healing properties of stones and gems, so this was truly a treat.

I took pictures of the tags – the White Buffalo turquoise reads “Found in various mines located in Nevada and Arizona, this stone helps you to live your life with truth, pride, and integrity, promoting self-realization and enhancing intuition bring protection, power, and luck to you, opening your heart and clearing your mind to eliminate physical and mental exhaustion.”

And opal, well, opal is “the fire to the human spirit.” It’s considered to be a sacred stone to the Cherokee, and it’s said to help with nervous disorders (like anxiety, which I have), depression, eye trouble (ha, I’ve been having eye trouble as of late), and spiritual awakening.

I also had a gift card from Free People, and I purchased a sale Spell and Gypsy dress and a cute bodysuit which will look adorable under my Nat T-shirt!

But my most epic gift of the year is from my husband – a Nordic inspired tattoo featuring runes, the compass, the valknut, Yggdrasil, Aegishjalmur, Vegvisir, the Horn Triskelion, a raven of Odin (not sure which one I should call him – probably Huginn because he means “thought,” and I need to be more thoughtful!).


I also have a few projects coming up … to be updated soon!

~ M

My Eats and Weight 12/29 – 1/4

I’m going to post my eats and weight every week to keep myself accountable with eating healthier … here we go!

Sunday 12/29/19

Weight: 160.5 lbs

Breakfast – an apple and a banana.

Lunch – chicken breast, broccoli, tomato, and sweet potato with light Thousand Island dressing and a light sesame marinade …. and a light beer.

Dinner – we had an impromptu date night at home (basically because Luke and I went to United and found New York strips buy one get one free … and bought 8!) … we had a salad with light Thousand Island and S+P … heirloom tomato …. and, naturally, a New York strip with bleu cheese!

We were both craving something sweet, so we walked to Sweet Charlie’s! Luke had the Namaste, and I had Death by Chocolate.

(I had a feeling that I wouldn’t lose much weight tomorrow, ha, but it’s worth it to enjoy a grand meal with my man!).

Monday 12/30/19

Weight: 155.8 lbs (sorcery that I lost 5 lbs in a night after that smörgåsbord but hey, I’ll take it).

Breakfast – leftover steak.

Lunch – sauteed beer brined chicken with broccoli and ginger sesame sauce.

Dinner – rotisserie chicken on a bagged kale salad with poppy seed dressing and a bite of tomato with bleu cheese.

Tuesday 12/31/19 (New Year’s Eve!)

Weight: 154.6

Breakfast – an Envy apple with Tajin.

Lunch – about 1/3 of a foot long Italian sub with about 3/4 packet of ranch.

Snack – roasted broccoli with light Thousand Island dressing and a bit of Parmesan.

Dinner – champagne (duh, it’s NYE!) with black eyed peas cooked with onion, mushrooms, and bacon …. and steak at midnight with some very expensive Scotch.

Wednesday 1/1/2020 (HAPPY NEW YEAR!)

Weight: 157.8 lbs (ha, those NYE eats bumped my weight up!)

Breakfast – I slept through breakfast.

Lunch – a chopped bacon Caesar salad with mango habanero chicken.

Dinner – Brussels sprouts and tea (because I totally was boozed out).

Thursday 1/2/20

Weight: 158.0

Breakfast – I slept through it and had to wake up to run errands with my Dad without time to grab a bite.

Lunch – Torchy’s Tacos with Luke

Dinner – a chopped salad (I didn’t eat it all) and a sandwich.

I also went today for a consultation for a tattoo which I’ll get on Sunday!

Admittedly, on this night I became depressed over my weight loss – will it ever happen? I feel like I can’t meal prep for shit.

Friday 1/3/20

Weight: 157.8 lbs

Breakfast – a hot cider from Roaster’s

Lunch – half of an Italian sandwich with ranch

Dinner – sushi and a salad topped with fresh spaghetti sauce and Parmesan.

Saturday 1/4/20

Weight: 158.0

Breakfast – Roaster’s hot cider.

Lunch – a hummus, turkey, provolone, and lettuce sandwich on organic bread.

Dinner – roasted chicken, avocado, and a Thai salad mix.

The above is probably a good example of how I “should” be eating – I had some indulgences this week, and that’s probably why my weight has remained steady.

Alrighty, this installment will continue next Saturday!

~ M